Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hello again, blogosphere

Today, I decide to visit my old blog.

And as I lay in bed reading post after post of my blog, I'm suddenly overcome by a wave of emotions.

I feel a tinge of sadness that time has gone by so quickly. In a blink of an eye, it has been 10 years.

So much has changed since my last post on 1st May 2007 when I said goodbye to the blogosphere. Not least the social media. Back then, Facebook was not as popular. Now, everyone I know has a Facebook account. Twitter was pretty new back then. And now, it's been used by people big and small, including Trump. Then there are Disqus, Livefyre, Sumo Me, Medium, etc., all quite mind-boggling to me.

Looking back, there's no doubt I've made some wonderful blogofriends - never mind that I had not met all of them in person. Reading the comment sections of my posts made me laugh; and teary-eyed at times. We certainly had a connection.

Blogging is dead, so I was told. Nobody blogs anymore. Everything is moving at the speed of lightning - people are constantly on the move, updating their status, keeping friends informed of their whereabouts via Facebook and Twitter. There's no time and no necessity to blog because people really have no time to read your story.

So why did I decide to blog again after 10 years? I'm not  a good writer. But neither do I think I'm an  atrocious writer!  I think I'm adequate in bringing messages across, and that to me, is good enough.  Here're the main reasons why I decided to revive my blog:

  • I missed writing. Writing keeps me alive. I've been a living dead these past 10 years. Writing rejuvenates  my mind and soul. And keeps my head clear.  
  • There are 101 things happening in my life right now. I need to pen them down, or they'll be buried in obscurity as I advance in age. Alzheimer's disease? Well, who knows?
  • Writing allows me to unleash the creative beast in me by allowing me to express my thoughts on the events that are happening in my life and in the world. No matter if there's no readers. It allows me to have an extended conversation with myself, a platform for self-expression, if you will. 
  • I missed my blogger friends - the constant banters with Vic the monkey; the colored jokes of ECL; the serenity of Liling; the fatherly advice of Chun See, the gastronomic posts of Tigerfish and many others like Shilpa, Eva, Etel. 

So this is what I've resolved to do - at least a post a week. Doesn't matter I've no audience or readers. This is my canvas, and this is where I'd pen my thoughts, my feelings on life, as I see it, as the wheel of time continues to turn relentlessly since the beginning of time.