Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Adios, my friends

I've decided it's time to close down this blog. Yes, to borrow from a poet, this may be an "overkill". But blogging, to me, is no longer as fun as it used to be. It's also taking away a lot of my time from my family, friends, and my "beauty sleep".

But it was fun while it lasts. And I want to thank each and every one of the blogger friends whom I've met through my blog:

Thanks for making me laugh (not to mention excited at times all the time) with your blog. You're one spunky lady, lemme tell ya! Take good care of Jaymes. I'm sure he'd turn out to be a fine young man. And yeah, look up to Chris (Tan not Sim), too. Tell me you're joking about the PAP thingy at home. You can't always be on top! Haha. I wish you all the success in your venture in China.

Chun See:
Thanks for the many wonderful memories, Mr Sentimental Fool (btw, that's also an ole joke, but it's a compliment!) You've enriched many of our kids with vivid tales and stories about lives in the 50s/60s. And though I'm not exactly young, I too find your stories very intriguing. Uncle, you really rock!

You never fail to amaze me with your ability to convey your message with the brevity of your posts. Accompanied with photo shots of people and nature, I feel as if I'm reading a postcard from the edge from a dear friend. I see your girl's training to be a ballerina. All the best to you and your family IML.

I'm so sorry Firehorse, guess I won't be doing the meme you tagged me. I like your kopitiam a lot especially with the music playing from the jukebox. And the kopitiam looks really cool, after you gave it a total facelift. But alas, my pumpkin noodles stall is folding up (did you juz increase the rent? Haha). But I guess I'd still pop in sometimes for a cuppa, and the music. Take care of yourself, and your tenants, too.

The fish from California. My, thanks for the many wonderful recipes that I've ripped off your blog, and thanks for the extra tips on my attempt at the mini chicken pies. I guess I'll still be licking my monitor whenever I'm looking at the yummlicious goodies you put up in your blog.

The lady in France whose acquaintance I juz made. Sorry this had to happen juz as I was about to get to know you better. All the best!

Life's a challenge. And yes, it's a jungle out there. Pursue your education if you can afford to do so. You know here in Singapore, paper talks. And ya, keep baking. I see you're quite good at it. I'm gonna try out the pineapple tarts recipe you gave me soon. All the best to your future endeavours, Elaine!

I still salivate all over your blog even if I dun leave any comments. I wish you success in your business venture.

Love your blog. It reminds me so much of Chun See's, but with a flavour that's closer to my age. After all, we are only two years apart, are we not? heheh.

Hey Buddy, I guess that's it. You certainly have proven that an old dog can do a good blog (another old joke? Or is this refrain of an old joke becoming an old joke by itself? heheh). Sorry I can't do that meme. Continue to have fun blogging. It's been fun interacting with you in the blogosphere. But I guess it's time you find youself another playmate, playful monkey. As they say, all good things must come to an end. If you need me, I'll be out there in the REAL WORLD.

To all others who had left comments on my blog one time or the other and who chose to remain anonymous, thank you so much for popping by.

Adios, my frens.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

How not to lose a friend

  • Dun bicker with him over $1. The price of friendship is worth much more, you idiot! Juz pay up, eat the chai tow kway, and be thankful for the ultra-cheap food. Because there'll be no "next time".

  • Dun itchy backside and put up a post on "Reasons why I dun wanna fren u oredi". You make people around you suspicious and wondering if you're talking about them. If you had done it, take it down. If you have not, dun start.

  • Dragons and monkeys are extremely vain creatures. NEVER EVER mess with their faces Avatar, dammit, especially so when you lack the balls to put up an Avatar of your own. And stop boasting that you have balls the size of coconut, becos you obviously do not.

  • You win some; you lose some. Let him win sometimes, but stand firm 95% of the time.

  • Dun ever accuse him of skiving. High achievers in the office DO NOT SKIVE, okay? They are smart, and they work smart, too.

  • If you dun appreciate his jokes, be frank about it and tell him to his face. Dun nudge him or leave comments in his blog suggesting that you're unhappy. How is he to know that you're goofing off or being serious?

  • Lastly, recognise that we are all built differently - some with dimples and others with pimples. 人有长短,也有大小。Mutual respect and honesty are keys to a friendship that will stand the test of time.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mini chicken pies that look extra mini

Surely, food is one of man's passions. I love people who love their food, and who are creative with food. This calls to mind the self-confessed foodie in California, Tigerfish. I've been salivating non-stop since the day I visited her blog, hungry over her mouth-watering buffet spread of delicious and extremely delectable looking home-cooked meals and snacks. Here's a lady whose passion in her food and cooking (Tigerfish confessed she's not much of a baker, though) simply shines through her blog.

Indeed, one of the snacks that caught my fancy was her mini chicken pies which I read (and which I feasted on virtually) months ago. The pies remind me very much of those being sold at Cottage Pie, a little cake shop here in Singapore. The shop charges three mini pies for $2.50 (I think). Pretty expensive, huh? So, I decided to rip the recipe off Tigerfish's blog and make some at home today for my guinea pigs family. Not copy-righted one right, Tigerfish? Haha.

Truth is, it took me some efforts making these mini pies. I was looking for the pastry puff sheet in Phoon Huat, a rather famous shop selling bakery stuff but was told they do not sell them. Thanks to ECL, she told me to try my luck at Cold-Storage and I managed to get it. Then I went back to Phoon Huat for a muffin pan, and was told that they were sold out! By then, my mood for baking had all but disappeared. Then yesterday, while having breafast at Haig Road, I chanced upon a shop selling muffin pans and so I bought it. After so much trouble, the pies had better be good!

Well, you've seen the slides. The pies may look yummy here but believe me, they pale in comparison to those found in Tigerfish's blog. I'm almost shy to hyperlink hers here... heheh

And the verdict of my pies? Well, something juz didn't seem quite right. First, the circular pastry that I cut out was a little too small. I ended up having some problem trying to seal them after stuffing them with the fillings. The end result was that the mini pies looked extra-mini. Heheh.

Second, because the muffin pan that I bought only have room for six pies at one go, I had to wait until these pies are fully baked (about 40 minutes) before I could bake the 2nd lot. The result? The 2nd batch of pies tasted much harder than the first, probably because of prolong exposure to the air. I should have used a damp cloth to cover up the pastry.

Third, I din adhere strictly to Tigerfish's recipe for the fillings. I omitted the hard-boiled egg and instead of using cornstarch, I used Mayo sauce. My kids dun fancy green peas and corns; so I juz use boiled carrot and potato, and shredded chicken, of course. I also din stir-fry the fillings, much less used olive oil. As a result, the fillings was a wee bit dry and lack moisture.

The smell of the pies, while baking, was really good, though. Junior kept asking if they were ready. Oh, I also left out the salt since there was sodium in the Mayo. The pies tasted a little bland at first bite. But the taste sort of grew on you. How else do you explain the verdict by Junior? He gave me 73% for the first pie he ate. Half an hour later, he asked for seconds, and went on to award me 84%. Not bad wat, from Band2 to Band1, I told him. All in all, he polished off four mini chicken pies! I told him not to tell Mummy I made this. Maybe she would think I bought it from Cottage Pie? He commented nonchalantly, "Professional chicken pies where got like that one?" Despite giving me high marks, I guess my pies still didn't quite make the cut. Sigh.

Oh, my big boy loves it too; and so does the Queen at home who told me the taste was juz right even without the salt. But the Slim Lady is never a food critic. To her, most food taste nice, especially those whip out by her hubby (so that she never has to cook?)

Well, I think I can improve on the pies further. Next time, I'd follow Tigerfish's recipe religiously - word for word.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Chivalry is dead. Or is it?

How odd.

Fit, able-body men, many of them executive type, sitting on the MRT seats. They appear oblivious to the sweet young and pretty things (SYPTs), many of them office workers in high-heel shoes, standing and holding on to the hand rail or metal bars, trying hard to keep their balance as the train buzzes along.

Tell me you find this odd, too. What happened to chivalry? Is it really dead?

Now, I dun take public transport very often because I drive to work. But while having a course conducted at the CBD last week, I took the MRT four days in a row because of some policies concerning civil serpents and car ownership which I think I would reserve for another post. So, yeah, I think I know the scene above repeats itself often enough in the rush hours every day, and not juz on the MRT, but on public buses as well.

I'm curious to know if this behaviour is unique to us Singaporean men or is it juz as common in other countries. But, as an able-body man myself, I think I maybe able to offer an explanation for our behaviour, as least as far as Singaporeans are concerned.

See, most of us men really have no hesitation in giving up our seats to these four categories of people:

  • The elderly
  • The physically challenged
  • The very young kids (excludes those 51 going on 15)
  • The pregnant ladies (it's ok if they happen to be SYPTs)

But when it comes to the SYPTs (the unpregnant kind), trust me, it's not that we men dun wanna give up our seats. It's just that we are afraid that our kind gesture may be misconstrued as an act of "cheekiness", especially so if it comes from a man with the "chikokpek" look (I'm so tempted to do a hyperlink here.... oh never mind... heheh). And we also do not relish the unwanted funny stares from fellow commuters, especially the guys as if they are saying: "Trying your luck, huh, buster? Well, try harder."

So, is chivalry really dead? I think not. If only the SYPGs allow us men to carry them across that puddle of water by the doorway. But I guess not. Many of them would become hysterical if we so much as touch a strand of their hair!

No? Okay then you tell me. Would you accept a seat from a guy on the MRT? And to the gentlemen out there, would you care to offer your seat to a SYPT?

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Reasons why i dun wan to fren you oredi

  • You kiss and tell, and talk too much.
  • You always suck up to the boss; and you've elevated the act of apple-polishing to an art.
  • You're so loud, your voice can rival that of BBC. Juz that the latter talks more sense.
  • You always portray yourself as the victim, the damsel in distress.
  • Sometimes we do lunch, and sometimes we don't. But there's no reason why you can't say "hi".
  • You got iron teeth, and your skull's thick as the elephant's trunk.
  • You're only interested in talking; never really bother to listen.
  • You owe me money. Lots of money!
  • You always picked the good cherries, and gave me the rotten ones.
  • You're too clever for your own good. I hate your guts!
  • You bitch too much. Admit it; say you're bitch.

Sure, it's always nice to have a friend than a foe. But if you insist in behaving the way you do, then I dun wan to fren you leow!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dun ya juz luv those skin parades?

Miss Singapore Universe 2007 Semi-Final

I have a date this evening. Not with one, but a bevy of beauties. I'm referring to the final of Miss Singapore Universe 2007 Pageant that would be telecast on Ch 5 tonight.

I have nothing against beauty pageants. As a matter of fact, I find them rather entertaining (the SYTs, not the pageants). Needless to say, I enjoy the swimwear segment the most. You can't help but notice that the Eye Candies come in different packages;) Well, an object of exquisite beauty, like a piece of art, is meant to be appreciated, is it not?

Lest Etel accuse me of being humsup (for the record, there's only room for one humsup in the blogosphere), I do find beauty pageants both thought-provoking and steamulating. The SYTs tackle questions on World Peace, HIV, and the underprivileged children in Third World. Why, many of the contestants are undergraduates and graduates. If memory serves, we have a former Ms Singapore who was a lawyer. So, beauty and brain do mix, don't they? And I thought God is fair?

But of course, there are bimbos, and there are himbos. We used to have Manhunt Singapore Pageants in Singapore, too, showcasing beefcakes who were long on brawn but short on brains. But we men juz aren't supposed to be prancing around on stage. I dun think we're designed that way. We're hardly the objects of desire, unlike women. Oh puleezz, nobody in their right mind would want to see a grown man wriggle or shake his bum bum, okay?

Despite the frivolity and triviality of it all, beauty pageants, besides enriching the pageant organisers, sponsors and the winners, do serve as a short respite for us mere mortals, especially so for men whose wives are always complaining of a headache. LOL.

Speaking of beauty queen, have you heard about the faux pas of a former Singapore beauty queen? This is a first hand account, I witnessed it personally on our national TV many years ago. I can't remember if she was Ms Singapore or Ms Chinatown or Tourism; but she was the winner anyway and she was being interviewed by Lance Alexandra, a former 98.7 DJ, in a morning talk show. When the bloke asked the beauty qeen what she thought of people labeling Beauty Pageant as Skin Parade, the hapless airhead answered, "Oh, skin is very important. We must drink lots of water everyday, and eat lots of fruits....” Lance was flabbergasted and speechless. But I was laughing my head off!

I know, I'm nasty, (but please dun flame me hor). But life's a beach, isn't it? Thank God for beauty queens. Wahahaha...

The newly crowned Miss Singapore Universe 2007

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Friday, April 20, 2007

What? I forgot what I was about to blog...

OMG. Tell me this is not happening. Is age catching up with me or what? Or was I simply distracted?

  • I arrived at the office, plunked myself in front of my workstation, turned on the computers, and hit the play button of my CD player for some music. About 15 minutes into my job, I suddenly felt the deafening silence. And it dawned on my that I had forgotten to tune up the volume of the CD player. Shucks! I had missed the first track of Madonna's "Confession On A Dance Floor"... Hit the rewind button!

  • I knocked off at 5 pm and was patiently queuing at my favorite chicken rice stall when my phone rang. It was my Mama, and she asked, "Are you on your way already? I told you I'm cooking. Wanna tapau or come here and eat?" Damn! For once, I was happy that the queue was long.

  • I was running some errand, and the Slim Lady told me to pick up a loaf of bread. I said sure, and arrived home empty-handed. No, she didn't make me kneel on durian husks. Heheh. But that night, she complained of a nasty "headache". Arrgghh!

  • I was all set, in my car, ready to drive off to work. But my mind kept wondering, "Did I lock the main door?" I was sure I did, but found myself heading back to my flat again, juz to make sure that the door is indeed locked!

  • A few Sundays ago, I decided to prepare steamboat for my family (maybe I'll blog about this, if I remember, that is... heheh). Everything I needed for the steamboat was ready - prawns, pork, mushroom, crab meat, cockles - everything. "Dinner is served," I announced proudly to my family. Then, the Slim Lady, bowls in her hands, asked, "Where is the rice?" Shucks! I forgot to cook the rice!

  • I forgot where I parked my car.

  • Once, I forgot I was boiling water (on the stove!), and happily left the house to run some errands.

I know, we've been told that our brain cells die everyday; in fact they start dying the very moment we were born, never to be replaced. But at 42 going on 24, I categorically deny my age is acting up! It has to be those DISTRACTIONS and NUISANCE around me. No doubt about it.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another feather to our cap

We Singaporeans are in the news again, and all for the wrong reasons. In a ranking on how much we mere mortals enjoy sex, Singapore was ranked 22nd out of 26 countries surveyed, ahead of Thailand, Hong Kong, France and Japan. Losers! Indeed, juz 1 in 3 Singaporeans surveyed said that he/she was happy with the quality of their sex life. The Nigerians, despite busying themselves with the many financial scams around the globe, surprisingly find time to enjoy sex the most.

Actually, this survey by Durex, the rubber company, is a no-brainer. Have we forgotten that we Singaporeans came up 2nd from the bottom up on a survey on the frequency of sex? It's precisely we dun enjoy sex, that's why we’re not making love seven days a week, 365 days a year mah...


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Monday, April 16, 2007

Is Newater really independent of rainwater?

The Environment and Water Resources Minister, Yaccob Ibrahim, in trying to assuage the public the effect of global warming in Singapore, was quoted as saying, and I quote:

Newwater is from your and me. It is independent of rainfall.

Is that a fact? I shall spare you the agony of having to read how Newater is being derived. Shudder. But if we go by the law of physic; what goes up, must surely come down. By the same logic, if there's no input; then where the output? Am I missing something here?

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Holiday at Genting Highland

This post was more than a month late. I brought my family to Genting Highland during the last school holidays. It's been more than a decade since my trip to the mountain resort and what a transformation! Seriously, with a theme park so near our home, why bother with Dream World at Gold Coast, Australia?

Over at Genting, they have both the outdoor and indoor theme park. As usual, the kids love the theme park the best, for the various rides and arcade games. The Slim Lady was busy shopping and having high tea with her sister who also tagged along with her kids. And me? I was left to baby-sit Junior. And she called this a "family holiday"? Sianz...

But I'm quite amazed by the number of restaurants and eateries at Genting. It's almost mind-boggling. Not say I wanna say one. I'm reminded at once of the up-coming IRs in Singapore. I juz wonder how our IRs are gonna measure up. As far as I'm concerned, we've already lost on one score - the weather. The weather over at Genting is so cooling and shiok. Wish I could stay there forever. And here in Singapore? It's hot as hell. We are not called a "Pig's Paradise" for nothing. Hehehe....

Oh, btw I din step into the casino. How to bring Junior inside? Sigh...

P/S: Tigerfish & ECL - Hope you gals dun mind, the slides show is inspired by what I saw in your blogs from slide.com. Cool!

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

One Earth

Everything, it seems, has a price tag in Singapore these days. Soon, there's gonna be a price tag for plastic bags at Ikea, though it's not the first store in Singapore to do so. And, of course, there's price tag for clean and good governance, or so claimed the gahmen.

Kudos to Ikea. Comes Earth Day 22 Apr 07, Ikea Singapore would be introducing its BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) policy at its chains here. In an advertisement on the ST yesterday, Ikea reported that Singaporeans used up to 2.5 billion plastic bags last year. Plastic is made from Polyethylene which takes up to 1000 years to biodegrade. Most of these plastic bags end up in landfills that emit harmful greenhouse gases such carbon dioxide (CO2). Now, CO2 and other heat-trappping gases are responsible for retaining the heat in our atmosphere and thus, contributing to global warming.

There's no doubt about it. The Earth is sick, very sick. We read about global warming and how it's affecting the earth everyday in the papers. This has effected me enough not to install a multiple split unit AC for my home. I told the Slim Lady we would juz have to bear with the heat (in order not to contribute more heat to our environment). I said if we can't handle it, then we should all sleep in the nude lor. Isn't my strategy cool (no pun intended) or what? Hehehe...

Jokes aside, recent climate change has jolted some world leaders out of their slumber. But what are our authorities in Singapore doing? Is it not time the NEA come up with a blueprint on how Singapore should tackle the effect of global warming? Say, for example, draw up some legislation and impose a legal limit on the amount of industrial CO2 emission? Ooops sorry, I'm no minister and I'm not paid well enough to think up solutions for the gahmen, you know. Of couse, the authorities are juz too busy with other concern to really care about global warming.

But we individuals can do our part. For me, I've decided not to have AC at home. And I've resorted to using hanky instead of tissue papers. I was also thinking of giving up my car. When I told Victor this, he laughed it off and said something to the effect that "I'm just a small voice in the wilderness". The implication is that "I dun make a difference". That's precisely the kinda mentality some environmental activists want to correct. Global warming is here to stay; there's no turning back. But if we, each and every one of us, care enough to be pro-active and make a concerted effort not to choke our Earth further with CO2, I think there's hope yet for mother Earth. Every little gesture, individually or as a whole on the community level, does count and make a DIFFERENCE.

For a start, why not BYOB when you're shopping at IKEA or NTUC today? We dun have to wait until Earth Day...

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shining Happy Workers

image hosting file

Are you happy with your job? No, honestly.

I dare say must of us aren't. The only reason why we are hanging on to our job is mainly because it pays our bills. And for mid-lifers, especially if you do not possess a large piece of "toilet paper", looking for jobs in greener pasture is hardly an option. Of course, the self-employed like Chun See is out of this category. People like him are lucky - they die die also must try to like their job. ROTFL.

So, I was kinda surprised to learn that people who factor high in the Happiness Index in the office aren't really motivated by money. According to a survey conducted by the BBC, the following are what make workers happy:

  • Show of appreciation by the bosses and fellow co-workers
  • Opportunity for training
  • The social interaction with fellow colleagues

Indeed, the survey reveals that the happiest workers in the UK are the hairdressers. Reasons? They have lots of interaction with their clients. They make people look good and beautiful. And they feel appreciated. It's really all about job satisfaction.

According to the survey, the five top professions are:

  • Hairdressers
  • Clergy
  • Chefs/cooks
  • Beauticians
  • Plumbers

And the bottom five?

  • Social Workers
  • Architects
  • Civil Servants (I'll be damned!)
  • Estate Agents
  • Secretaries

You note, of course, that salary and money do not factor very much in making a worker happy. Hmmmm..... maybe our Ministers should chew on this?

As for me, I lurrve my job, and especially now for obvious reason. But of course, loving something does not necessarily make you happy, or does it? I love the SYT sitting across my desk in the office; but I'm NOT HAPPY because she gives me the cold shoulder all day. Got my drift?

Sigh. Maybe I should be a hairdresser! Got lobang for hairdresser school? I dun aspire to be the next David Gan (God forbid), but I promise not to make you look like the next Fann Wong having a bad hair day .....


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Monday, April 02, 2007

My dream holiday?

My.... what's with this meme thingy? When I first heard of this term last year from Evan, a long lost blogofriend, I thot it was mei mei (妹妹). And which hot-blooded male does not want to be "tagged with a 妹妹"? Silly me. Hehehe.....

The energetic EastCoastLife, despite her temporary "handicap", has tagged me (yet again) another meme. This time, on which country I'd love to visit next, or rather, my dream holiday. Gee... I dun travel very much. But it says "Dream Holiday", so I guess I can juz dream, can't I? LOL.

The place I'd like to visit next is ...... Cambodia. Yes, nowhere as exotic as Europe or Bora-Bora (goodness, where on earth is that, and I thot Singapore was pretty obscure considering how some foreigners thought we were part of China).

My pal Moogee made a trip to Cambodia with his other half last year. And boy, was he enthused and enthralled by this war-torn country. Cambodia oozes with a charm like no other city, so Moogee said. The country is filled with breathtaking monuments waiting to be explored. And we haven't even talked about the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat (or rather the ruin of it) yet, a temple built for the Cambodian king in the early 12th century. Moogee also told of the ever-ready smiles of the Cambodian people, especially the kids. Beneath the beautiful Cambodian smiles are poignant stories of hardship and pain for a nation who's never actually recovered from the destructions of years of civil wars. They need the tourist money. And that's why I'm blowing my money there.

And oh, I heard Cambodia is a favorite hideout for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Brangelina) whenever the madness over at Tinseltown gets into them. We call it escapism. And yes I want my escapism in Cambodia, too. Why, they even adopted a kid from Cambodia they called Maddox who's now about 5 or 6. Maybe Brangelina would adopt me if I run into them in Cambodia? Superstar parents? Who dun want? I know Kennysia wants that, too. I would become famous, living in the lap of luxury. This is what I called the Finer Life.


Hey wait .... I'd be darned! I juz learned that it is Vietnam and NOT Cambodia that Brangelina likes to visit. Sigh. But I'd love to visit Cambodia anyway. Maybe I'd run into Madonna instead who recently too adopted a boy. Wait... that was in Africa, right? Hmmm.... what the heck. I dun care anymore. Juz gimme my Dream Holiday!


Title : Where Next ?

Proposition : Where do you want to go Next, OUTSIDE OF YOUR COUNTRY, for tourism, work , study, whatever.

Requirements: Find some info about the place, itinerary etc, pics if possible so you get MORE Traffic coming in, and maybe some people can find somewhere to go to. Excludes your NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR, ie Singapore,Malaysia,Brunei, a country that borders yours.You must register for MyBloglog so we can blogwalk ah…..get it?

Quantity : FIVE PEOPLE.

Tag Mode : Chain Link. 15 of them.
You leave 15 people and their DEEP LINK of their Blog Name and TAGGED POST and hit out for five more.

This Singaporean Melayu in Europe aka Azrin going LANSING MICHIGAN. This is a Counter Summon Tag!

Shoppingmum to Europe

Angeleyes off to Bora-Bora

Giddy Tiger snorkelling in The Maldives

Jess to Europe

Mybabybay wants to go Round The World

Samm will go to Japan

Bernard dreams of New Zealand

eastcoastlife of Singapore yearns to go Switzerland.

Chris can't wait to explore the Angkor Wat in Cambodia!

**Add in the blog you got the tag from and tagged post.** (In this case, for example, you should add “Chris to explore Angkor Wat in Cambodia“).

Extra Rules: you cannot Tag another person who has performed the Tagging Rights to Travel. Check yr commentators.

Exercise effectiveness: You get about at least 100 back links directly to a max of a few Trillion Multi Linked people Track Backing and tagging at ya. That sure will pull yr alexa and Technorati down alot! (it’s 15 times of 5 to the power of 13). It is sure a way to pull down the numbers as I mentioned earlier.

You MUST PASS this tag within 7 days of receiving it , or loose a days worth of Blog Revenue or $10 to charity. Can?Makes it interesting anyway.So no Lazy Tags running about, and yeah, eventually, there will be less than a 1:3 chance you can’t tag that someone. And pay those people in the list a visit, you never know if you can pinch / recycle some ideas for your next entry!

[Started 25th Mar 2007.Do Not Modify this Line.Originated by Geeks Lair SEO Engineering 101 Project ]



Your post must have 3 PARAGRAPHS with at least 200 words. FUN eh?
This is to boost everyone’s ALEXA,PageRank and Technorati.


Now, I'm posting the same question to the following blogger frenz.... where's your dream vacation?

Simply Etel

*whispering...* do so only if you feel like it or have the time, ya?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Let's get personal

I'm not sure if this piece of news has eluded Victor. But it was reported in the ST several days ago that the gahmen is looking into allowing motorists personalise their car number plates.

Victor must be thrilled to bits! We know how insanely, obscenely and hamsup-ly obsessed he is over the figure 69! In the blogosphere, he has so shamelessly let it known that his car number plate is - what else? - SEX 69 4U.

But let's come back to personalised number plates, also known as vanity plates. Was it not too long ago that the gahmen decided to disallow vowels in our car numbering system to prevent hamsup people from mischief?

So, it seems that our gahmen has proven, yet again, that they are capable of doing U-turns on policies formulated, never mind that there has been some murmurs that this change-about in the numbering policy is largely motivated by money. Of course, a vanity plate would cost you some money; maybe an arm and a leg. We know very well, that anything that is PERSONALISED ain't cheap.

Kudos to the gahmen, nevertheless. We are slowly, but surely transforming from a "fine" city to a crude fun city, are we not? If the number plates below don't draw a smile (maybe a frown, depending on who's actually reading it) on your face , I dunno what will .... hehehe..

  • OLD1 E (Oldie, but goodie. Chun See can consider this... hehe)
  • CHU88 Y (Chubby)
  • GR800 BS (Great Boobs)
  • GR01 N (Groin)
  • PEN15 ES (Penises)
  • A55 I (Ass one)
  • FU2 (F-you, too)

And, of course SEX69 4U. LOL.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Nothing fishy about this fish soup beehoon

Despite what’s been written about it, and how it's supposed to make us "smart" and happy, I’ve never been really fond of fish. Fishiness aside, it’s the texture of the fish meat that didn’t quite catch my fancy. I’ve always been a "porky" person, and I’m not ashamed to say bakwa, pig trotters, kway chap are my things.

So it was with some reluctance that I agreed to tag alone when Victor and Moogee suggested trying the fish soup beehoon stall in a kopitiam at Bukit Merah that perpetually draws long queue from office workers nearby. "Fine," I said to myself. "So long as I dun have to drive." Finding a parking lot in that area is a nightmare. Especially so if I have to parallel park. Go on Victor, snigger for all you want. Do I look as if I give a damn? Heh.

We’ve passed by that kopitiam many times, but we never had the patience to join the queue. Boy, we didn’t know what we were missing! The signs are all there, and as they say, the fatter the rats, the longer the queue, the better the grub? That proved to be true in this case.

There were already about 10 customers in front of us when we arrived at the kopitiam.

And when we finally got our beehoon about 30 minutes later, it didn't disappoint. I ordered fried fish soup to go with yam rice. You would expect the fish to be soggy in the soup, right? But no, the fish was surprisingly crispy, unlike most other fish beehoon stalls I know. What I love about the soup is that it is served with a generous amount of cabbage, coriander and spring onion. The yam rice was fragrant with a fair amount of yam. On top of the usual cut chilli, the stall also provides garlic chilli like those eaten with chicken rice.

If you don't like fried fish, you can order sliced fish. Or if you fancy both, you can even tell the hawker to have them mixed, which was what Victor and Moogee had. Try asking the same in another fish beehoon stall and the hawker would probably throw you a dirty look. Gee, I juz realised the stall actually serves pig organs and seafood soup, and pork porridge ...

If you're thinking of heading down to the kopitiam, be prepared to wait for 30 minutes or more for your food. Also, if you're driving there, you need to bring at least two other guys along. Patronising a popular stall like this calls for some strategic planning, especially so if you want to go back office on time to prevent your boss from accusing you of skiving. Okay, you need the driver (Moogee) who would alight you guys while he queues (what? And you think you need only to queue for the fish beehoon?) and wait for a parking lot; another guy (that's me, the idle smart one) to "choop" the seats at the kopitiam (sorry, I dun believe in choopping with tissue paper one); and the last guy (Victor, the primate who loves fish... how odd?) to queue for the fish soup beehoon.

Trust me, it's worth the wait!

The stall is at:
Block 124
Bukit Merah Lane 1

I dunno the unit number. But juz look for the stall with the longest queue lor. You can't go wrong with that. LOL.

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Monday, March 26, 2007


A good friend of mine, let's call him Eugene (for he really looks like an old dear friend of mine who's called Eugene and with whom I've lost contact over the years) came over to my place last Saturday. He was there for a purpose - to do a sales pitch. See, Eugene is into this healthcare products by Elken. He was trying to get me interested in the Elken Pure Water Filteration and Purification system. The water system claims to clear away the many impurities in our water - impurities that cannot be totally got rid of even through boiling.

According to the salesman Eugene, the impurities or contaminants found in our water are categorised as follows:

  • Biological comprising bateria, viruses, parasites
  • Organic Chemicals consisting of pesticides, herbicides, industrial chemicals
  • Inorganic Minerals which include lead, nitrate, arsenic, asbestos, dirt & sediments
  • Disinfection by-products - one of which is Trihalomethanes; a mouthful but THM in short, and responsible for the 10,700 or more bladder and rectal cancers in the US per year alone.

Quite unnerving, isn't it? And you thought boiling water is safe.

As if this is not enough, Eugene produced two gadgets from his briefcase, and asked me for two empty clear glasses. He filled the first glass with boiled water taken from my house; and the other one with "purified" water he very shrewedly conveniently brought from his house, supposedly from the Elken purification system. Then he put what looked like a thermometer in the first glass. The digital reading in the gadget indicated 13. "That's the level of impurities in the water," he said. The he switched over to the 2nd glass, and it registered ZERO impurity.

Admittedly, I was a little sceptical. Then Eugene took out another gadget that looked like some kinda heating rod, juz that it has two rods attached to a black box, which he plugged into a wall socket. Within seconds, foams started forming from the water obtained from my house, gradually turning brownish black in colour. "Again, what you see here are the impurities from the water that has not gone through the purification process," Eugene announced. The other glass of water was clear as crystal.

At this point, I was totally convinced. And I asked, “How much?” “Usual price, $2200,” Eugene said. "But you can have one for $1880. You can also pay by installment, interest-free!" Does Eugene expect me to jump up in joy or what? I don’t believe in living in credit one.

I'm sorry if I've made Eugene look like a swindler. Because Eugene really is not. He's a good friend, a very strong believer who also happens to be working in the same office as me. So, I was almost 80% certain that I’m getting the water purification system. I reckon if it’s something that we put into our mouth everyday, and for the sake of my family, and myself, what's $1880 for good health? And for one and all?

Problem is, there are so many water purification systems of various brands in the market - Amway, Diamond, Aqua Technology and Elkan just to name a few. Which one should I trust? Anybody out there has one of these purification systems? Appreciate some advice, please. Thanks!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The boy, my son ....


When you were just a kid
Oh, you brought such warmth into our lives
You were our bundle of joy
The apple of Daddy's eyes

At 16, see how you've grown?
A tall and strong lad
Towering over
Your graying Dad

You always say
Daddy never has a clue
But I know how it's like to be young
Daddy was once there, too

It pains me deeply
To see the way you behave
The angst of teenage
Is this just a phase?

I'm sorry if Daddy's hurt you
And made you cry
Daddy never meant to hit you
I know it hurts, but it pains me too

Perhaps it's best, I let you be
One day, maybe you'd see
Daddy's really not as bad
As you made him to be .....

We love you son,
Mum and Dad

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Honey, they've de-dialectised our kids!

I have had written a few posts on how "successful" our "Speak Mandarin" campaigns had been and what these campaigns had done to our kids. You can read them here, and here.

Last Saturday, I was at one of the foodcourts in a shopping mall, queuing patiently for a bowl of bah chor mee. Standing behind me were two giggly schoolgirls, bantering happily and loudly in Mandarin.

Girl A to Girl B: What you want? (looking at the colourful menu of noodles splashed on top of the wall juz behind the stall)
Girl B: Mini Wok.
Girl A: Aiyah, why eat the same as me? (both broke into giggles)

Meanwhile, the stall assistant, an Indian woman, was looking very annoyed with the din the girls were making. Looking up at the girls, she finally interjected....

Stall Asst: Girls, what you want??!!
Girl A: Two mini wok
Stall Asst: What noodle? mee pok, or mee kia?
Girl B: What's mee kia? (directing the question at her friend)
Stall Asst: (looking at me and rolling her eyes upwards) This is mee pok (as she pointed to the noodle), and this smaller ones is mee kia (she was almost sniggering....)

She turned to look at me again and uttered, not without some exasperation, "Aiyoh, Chinese don't understand Chinese."

Well, what can I say? I dunno where to hide my face.

There's no hope for our kids.....

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Six bloggers I want to get stranded with in an Island

If I were to be stranded
In an Island far away
I want these bloggers
To be with me all day

First in the list
Is the playful Monkey
His tricks and antics
Never fail to amaze me

The agile Monkey could fix anything
While swinging from tree to tree
He loves challenges, there's no doubt
Why? He even belts out songs, singing with his lil' red butt!

The ever-changing Chameleon is next
Oh, she roars so fearlessly
Her resourcefulness and determination
Really know no boundaries

With her wackiness and humour
She’d bring us much joy
And keep us occupied for hours
With her variety of toys

The Tasty Fish from California
She’s so far yet so near
She tickles our gastronomical taste buds
With her terrific culinary skill

Day after day she'd whip up
Imaginary spread of yumminess
And when we're done with playing masak-masak
We'll turn on the Tasty Fish
For a real feast!

The Sentimental Fool
Is a treasure to behold
He'd keep our boredom at bay
With numerous tales of yesteryears

The Kopi Soh
Whose "acquaintance" I've juz made
Has to be in the Island, too
For the wonderful kopi that she brews

Oh, how could I have missed out
The aromatic Peppermint?
Her simple takes on life's adventures
Make for a very good read

There you have it
My six blogger friends
To live or to perish
In the Island, we'd stick to the very end

(Disclaimer: Juz some fun verses.... dun blame me for tagging you hor. Blame Jayne, the Chameleon lor ....)

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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Unlike the gregarious Monkey who would chat up with anything that moves, I'm quite selective when it comes to making friends. That's not to say I have no friends. Rather, what one commonly calls a friend, I call "acquaintance". But as for true friends, there is only a handful, Victor being one of them.

I used to have a good friend. We clicked because we shared a lot in common. She was learning the piano, and I have been playing it leisurely, albeit amateurishly, for years. She loved Precious Moment figurines, and I was a one-time serious collector. (Victor, I know what you're thinking - don't start your nonsense now or I'd downgrade you to one of acquaintances!)

We exchanged presents on special occasions like Valentine's Day, Christmas Day and Birthdays. And we shared food often in the office. But friendship, like a flower, needs to be nurtured.

I'm very direct and hardly the kind of person to beat around the bush. I speak my mind and that makes some people take what I say the wrong way. I can be quite a joker too, and not everyone can handle my "nonsensical irritations" as well as Victor. Any wonder why I have more "foes" then friends in the office?

As time goes, I realise that she's never gotten used to my forthcoming ways. She only wanted to hear the nice things; and shut out all the negative ones that I said. There's a saying that goes, "Your enemies is actually your true friend." Why? Because he would tell you all your shortcomings in order to make you feel bad about yourself; and when you know your shortcomings, you'd strive to set them right.

And so we drifted apart. Well, we're still friends, but only on a superficial level. I used to get recycled corny smses about friendship from her. I hate these smses, finding them totally devoid of sincerity. A simple "how has your day been, pal?" would have meant much more.

Thankfully, there're friends so close, we juz feel a sense of affiliation to each other. We horse around, we monkey around, taking swipes at each other; but we're never really offended, for we know where to draw a line. These are the sort of friends who helped me fix my power adapter when it broke; recommended me plumber when my toilet leaked, took leave at short notice juz to chill out with me at East Coast, and drove me home for my pair of rollerblades while my car was being serviced at the workshop, and drove me to the workshop to pick up my car.

Of course, it's not all take and nothing given. Such friends not only deserve all my undivided attention and time in the world, they are also worthy of the unwanted but previously prized possessions sitting in my storeroom collecting dust. I generously gave them away FOC to dear friends like these. No, unlike MJM, I ain't gonna stamp a "friendship price" tag on them, especially to a good old pal like Victor.

Then there are virtual friends we meet in the blogosphere, many of them "faceless".

But how do you relate to the latter? And how much do we know each other? I think what's happening in the blogosphere is a good thing. We mere mortals are communicating more through the Blog. We are building bridges instead of walls, exchanging opinions and ideas. There's finally hope, for the human race.

But I was at once saddened by what was written by a Bloggerfriend, whom I've missing for a while, in one of her recent entries. She wrote something to the effect that she no longer wanted to waste time on virtual friends and that her time is only meant for those who are worthy of her time. She added that virtual friends wouldn’t be around when you need someone to listen to.

Well, I think that’s a fair comment. But are we expecting too much from the so-called virtual friends? Surely, common sense would tell us that virtual friends are the last persons we turn to for help or support, especially emotional help. It also depends on the comfort level we feel about each other..... But it brings us back to the question – juz how much do we know of each other?

Perhaps Andrew Matthews, in his book, "Happiness In A Nutshell" has a point when he wrote "problems begin when we get too attached to things...." or something to this effect.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Home Cafe - Authentic Thai Food

When it comes to food, my family isn't very adventurous. We dun eat out often mainly because the Queen of the house hates crowd. It is an unwritten rule in my family that I, the man of the house, are to buy dinner home every evening. I always joke with my colleagues that I can't stay back for OT because my wife and kids would die of hunger if I do. Ha!

Even if we do eat out, more often than not, it is to nearby places in the neighbourhood, usually within walking distance. And we would order dishes we are familiar with. If it's not sweet and sour pork, then it's claypot chicken. Or we'll have KFC or Long John Silver, the kids all-time favourite. Boring, I know - told you we weren't adventurous. That explains the very little posts I have of food, other than those home-cooked ones I whipped up at home once in a while. Gee, I'm even ashamed to call myeslf a "foodie" :(

Last Sunday, the last day of CNY known as 元宵(yuan xiao), my family including my parents, my brother and his wife (less the Slim Lady who was on seminar) visited our 5th Aunt at Potong Pasir. At the end of the visit, my sister-in-law announced that she wanted to buy us dinner for having passed her ACCA examination. My aunt told us of a little restaurant in the heart of Potong Pasir that serves authentic Thai food that's cheap and delicious, and whipped up by Thai.

So we headed for this restaurant, simply named, Home Cafe - Authentic Thai Food.

These are the dishes that we had:

Fish Maw soup ($6). I'm not really fond of fish maw - it looks like fat to me. And I thought the soup was a wee bit too starchy for my liking.
Dish rating:

Tom Yam Seafood Soup ($5). Tom Yam soup has always been one of my favorites, but this was a big disappointment. It lacks the "oommpphh" factor. I think there was not enough spice ....
Dish rating:

Egg Onion Omelette ($4.50). This was good. I dunno how the cook did it; but the egg omelette was fluffy, very unlike those we fry at home.
Dish rating:

Sambal Kang Kong ($4.50). I don't like Kang Kong very much (in fact, I dun like MOST veggie), even those cooked by my mum. But the one served here is quite good. The only set-back is the excessive amount of oil used, probably from the sambal chilli.
Dish rating:

Fried Glass Noodle ($4.50). This is one of the best dishes. My mum knows how to cook this dish too, but the one served here is moist and not too dry, unlike my mum's. It was really fragrant and tasty. I've never tasted one that's better then this!
Dish rating:

Boneless Chicken with honey ($5). One of their signature dishes. The chicken pieces bathed in honey is juicy and crispy. Junior loves it, but I suspect mainly because it's fried!
Dish rating:

Claypot Chap Chai ($5). Another dish my mum cooks occasionally. But I like my mum's one better because over here, they dun cook it with "Tau Kee" (beancurd "sheets").
Dish rating:

Fish Cake with mango sauce ($5). This is the Thai Otah. I like the version here because they are not chunky like those found in other Thai restaurants. But I didn't like the mango sauce though. It's too sweet and I'm not used to eating Thai fish cake dipped in sweet sauce.
Dish rating:

Steamed Seabass with lemon grass ($22). This dish should have been five stars out of five! The most expensive dish, but it is also the most delicious! The fish was very fresh, and the sauce, smelling of lemon grass was extremely tasty! I remember reading one of Tigerfish's posts (I tried searching for that entry without success)on lemon grass which is commonly used as a herb in Asian cooking...... You've got to try this dish!
Dish rating:

Phew... so there you have it, a total of NINE dishes for about 13 people. The bills came up to about $124 but wait... we ordered two sets of each because there were two tables! So if you're a family of juz 4-6, you can order exactly the same dish and expect to pay no more than $62, much less if you juz order a few of these dishes. Best of all, there is no service charge and the restaurant absorbs GST. Service wise, the waiters are attentive and they topped up the ice water without being asked.

Home Cafe
Authentic Thai Nonya Cuisine
Blk 148 Potong Pasir Ave 1
01-67, Singapore 350148
Tel: 6471 1138/6479 0118
Fax: 6475 7355/6286 3248

(Disclaimer: I'm not, in any way, related to the employees or owners of Home Cafe. Neither do I own part or any of the shares in Home Cafe. The opinion expressed here is mine and mine alone, all done voluntarily and willingly, for the gastronomical joys and pleasures of all foodies out there! Photos, all without photoshop tricks, are courtesy of Nokia N6233, my latest toy :))

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Endearing old folks .....

These are my parents. The woman on the left is my 5th aunt, the youngest sister of my Dad. We used to live under the same roof, in Club Street.

We paid her a visit on the last day of CNY. My Dad and his siblings hardly meet, unless it's festive seasons like the CNY. One thing I've observed is that whenever the older folks gather, their conversations would invariably lead to topics of yesteryears. They would reminisce about our living years at Club Street where life was hard but simple. They would talk about the old neighbours with whom they've lost contact. My aunt wondered out loud if some of the older neighbours had kicked the buckets. My Dad would relate stories about WW2 and how he was robbed of an education. He was about to enter schools when the Japanese invaded Singapore. And I juz sat there, enthralled, listening to their lively conversation.

But I juz learned something about my mum that kinda shocked me. Well, I learned that mum had aborted the last of her two kids after the arrival of my kid brother. This is something that my mum has never told us kids. All we knew was that there was a boy (my kor kor) before me, who was still-born. And all this while, we thought there were only four of us kids - my kid sister and brother, my elder sister and myself. So, in fact, there would have been seven kids! We could had been one rowdy bunch!

We can understand why my parents did what they did. Life then was already hard with four kids to feed. To have more kids would make our lives even harder. I know, some folks gave their babies away back then. But I guss my parents juz decided to do what they thought was the best for the family under the circumstances.

This is a chapter of my mum's life that she's never told us. Can you imagine it takes 42 years for me to know this? It juz shows how little I know of my mum .......

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I felt the earth move ....

No, the earth didn't really move. Rather, I felt the desk in my cubicle moved .... It was lunchtime, and the pitiful me was deserted by all my makan kakis who had apparently made prior engagements with other colleagues for lunch. I decided to lunch in, and had intended to tapau a packet of laksa from the office cafeteria later. It's okay, I'm easy about lunching alone. I enjoy my own company sometimes. Besides, some other company can get pretty tiresome and boring ... hehehe...

I didn't really take notice of the time (I'm NEVER a clock-watcher in the office....heheh). But it must has been about a quarter past 12. I was working on my computer and suddenly felt the desk moved forward for a couple of seconds, along with the partitions. Still, I wasn't that sure, thinking perhaps my hunger was behind my "hallucination", until a colleague who was sitting a couple of cubicles away from me walked towards my direction and asked if I had felt the room "shook" earlier.

That's when it dawned on me that what we felt earlier was actually tremors. We learned later that the tremors were the result of an earthquake that hit the Indonesian's Sumatra island. Some of my other colleagues who were in the office felt it, too.

At some part of Singapore, tremors lasting as long as 25 seconds were felt. Buildings in the CBD areas reportedly swayed and were evacuated for safety reasons.

When I was in Taiwan years ago, there was an earthquake, or should I say tremors that occurred in the middle of the night. But my colleagues and I were so tired that we weren’t even aware of it and actually slept through the tremors like a log! It was only when dawn cracked that we learned of the earthquake from our Taiwanese hosts. I reckon that the tremors, no matter how light, are more palpable to the Taiwanese who have lived in earthquake-prone Taiwan all their lives.

But this time, it's for real. After the Tsunami that hit the region, experts warned that one day, earthquake could hit Singapore, too. If this happens, I dun think our buildings, including those of the HDB flats, are safe. About 80% of our population live in HDB flats, which, I believe, are not designed to withstand earthquake or tremors. The engineers back then were probably saying, "Earthquake in Singapore? Nay, never happened and never will!". But the naysayers are saying that one day, it will happen! We better pray that that day never comes...

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Home-cooked macaroni

I dunno what got into Victor. He's been making fun of my manhood, calling it into question juz because he does not measure up to me as a man. I mean a REAL MAN. For goodness sake! I p*** standing, like he does (the last we were in the men's room, he still did). I fathered two kids, like he did (unless ..... never mind). Juz how narrow-minded can one get? Either he's getting old (51 going on 15), or he has memory so SHORT he's forgotten about my post on Measure Of A Man.

Well, Victor, I've got news for ya. I'm no less a man then you are juz because I:

  • Cook and bake (I don't have a maid! And I sayang my wife. Cannot meh?)
  • Do the laundry (actually it's the washing machine that does the job)
  • Shop for groceries (Well, I need these to cook, you nincompoop!)
  • Decorate the house (who does not want the house to be spick and span?)
  • Love chocolates (So I have a sweet tooth)
  • Nag at my kids (It's for their own good, as all parents would know, and so would Victor!)

Not say I want to say one. There are people with minds so narrow and thin (can't say the same of their skin and skull, though) that the only way they can feel good about themselves is to make wise-cracks about new millennium guys who believe in sharing household chores with the women of their life (yes! believe it or not, nagging is a chore!) I'm a good catch; most millennium guys are. Juz ask Mrs Sim. But I pity Mrs Koo, though, I really do.....

Truth be told, Victor isn't really the male chauvinist pig he made himself to be. He may not be a SNAG, but I know for a fact that he does pole dancing, first with the vacuum cleaner, followed by the mop every Sunday without fail. 他这个人,就是死要面子!Or did Mrs Koo put a gun to his head to ask him to pole-dance? Hehehehe...

Well, call me what you want Victor. Do I look like I give a damn at all? I'm still gonna cook. In fact, I juz cooked macaroni today for my family! And you're NOT invited!

Cook yourself if you wanna sample it. Dun say I neber give you face.... here's the recipe. And dun ask me how much water or macaroni to use. Everything is based on agaration!

  • Macaroni
  • Chicken breast (to be shredded)
  • Minced pork (to make into meat ball)
  • Fish cake (cut into thin slices)
  • 1x chicken stock cube (for added flavour)
  • Yellow beans
  • Water

  • Spring Onion
  • Parsley
  • Fried shallot
  • Cut chili padi (optional)

  • Boil a pot of water
  • Throw in the chicken breast and dish it out when it's cooked. Keep the chicken stock for the macaroni.
  • Add yellow beans into the stock and boil for another 30 minutes
  • Drain away the beans, and throw a chicken stock cube into the stock for extra flavour.
  • Cook the macaroni in a pot of water
  • Once the macaroni is cooked, scoop some onto a bowl and pour the stock over. Garnish it with spring onion, parsley, shredded chicken as desired.

Now, go prove you're a man, a REAL MAN! Hng!

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Friday, March 02, 2007

My Barbie Girl

Dear Barbie,

I've had my eyes on you since I was a kid. I've always preferred you to that ugly and hideous kid in the neighbourhood, the one they called the Cabbage Patch Kid.

Here're the reasons why I much prefer you:

  • You have nicer tits.
  • You're obviously blonde, and blondes, like Paris Hilton, have more fun.
  • You've dumped Ken, the impotent ex-boyfriend of yours.
  • And you're good enough to eat.

I was worried sick when I lost you at the party. Looking high and low, I found you sunbathing, half-nude, at the deck ;) Why didn't you call me? You're so delicious I could eat you all day ....

Life in plastic; it's fantastic. Wanna be in your plastic world, basking under the hot, steamy sun with ya....

Plastically & Inanely Yours,

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

When love dies

Someone close in the family is heading for a divorce. The couple refused to see a marriage counselor, both saying that the marriage is "beyond hope"..... What happened to love? Does more than 20 years of marriage mean nothing at all? Is it not worth, at the very least, a trip to see the love guru?

It was sweet when it started
We only had eyes
For each other

It's like life's long journey
A walk in the sunshine
Not without the occasional rain

There's just no more
What happened?
And what went wrong?

When it dies
Of resentments and hurt
It brings forth devastation, and broken lives

Not just yours
Or mine
The little ones', too
When love dies .....

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

A top first world for Singapore? Not by a long shot

If you have read the ST today, you would have learned that Singapore, according to our beloved MM, could become a TOP First World nation in 10 to 20 years' time.

Really? Are we?

What's the definition of a First World nation? If I were to go by the "benchmark" set in the news article, being first world is about having a world class infrastructure - a vibrant city with lots of greenery, a cosmopolitan mix of arts and cultures; al fresco dining and restaurants that line our "bay". And, did I read correctly? A city with lokang (drains) and canals transformed into ponds and streams? And of course, no first world nation is worth its salt without a casino or Integrated Resorts, or whatever the gahmen want to call it. And I love the way our MM put it when he made reference to the IRs: With the 2 Integrated Resorts up by 2010, "coins will jingle in all pockets until they are no more". Hilarious.

However, to make a nation "first world" takes more than juz economic success. Personally, I feel that the "people element" is of crucial importance if we were to make Singapore a truly first world. And I'm not sure if we can achieve what our MM set out in 10-20 years' time.

We Singaporeans, I'm sure you'd agree, are quite a bunch. We have no social graces; we're kiasi and kiasu, we have to be first in everything, so we 冲,冲,冲 in order to 赢,赢,赢. (That partly explains the current triple-whammy we are experiencing from our close neigbhours). Our service standard is hardly world class, in fact, it moved down a few notches in the past years in a world ranking.

What's the use of having first world infrastructure in a city inhabited by crass and ill-mannered populace? A top first world for Singapore? Let's change our mindset first.....

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Five things I miss most about Chinese New Year

While Chun See reminisces and muses about the five things he would not miss about Chinese New Year (CNY), I thought the sentimental fool in me would do just the opposite. Here are the five things I miss most about the CNY of yesteryear.

  • My childhood home at Club Street.
    This is the Headquarters. All my relatives - uncles and aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews would gather at this "checkpoint" on the first day of the New Year. It was obvious why we called our home at Club Street the HQ - simply because the matriarch of our extended family, my paternal grandmother lived there. Everyone one, young and old, would come to pay her respect (and get angpow) on the first day of the New Year. She passed on in the late 80s, and for a while, there was no HQ for gathering. Subsequently, my first aunt's home at Holland Drive was assigned the new HQ. But she too passed on several years ago. Today, the new HQ is at one of my cousin's house at King's Road, also somewhere near Holland Drive.

  • My pajamas
    Call me silly, but when I was a young boy, I used to love wearing pajamas to bed (now no lah, juz a pair of shorts and bare-chested). On the eve of CNY, my mum would made us kids wear new pajamas she bought from the market. Oh, I'm sure you know those pajamas. It's those stripe-pattern pajamas with pull-strings pants normally worn by Ah Peks. But because we were kids, mum usually got us the elastic-band type. What's the significance of wearing new pajamas on the eve? I dun think kids these days, especially the boys, wear pajamas. My boys certainly don't.

  • Gambling
    Yes, believe it or not, we kids were allowed to gamble during CNY, not with peanuts or sweets, mind you. We gambled using real money from our angpow. But the stakes, in this instance, are really peanuts - each round only could bet no more than 10 cents. But we have supervision from our parents, who told us that we could only play the cards (another phrase for gambling, heheh) on CNY. They must have imparted us the right value lor. Why? None of us kids turned into gambling addicts, my 4-D and lottery "addiction" aside. Hehehehe...

  • Angpow
    Of course, children are the happiest creatures on earth comes CNY. They can indulge in all the cookies, sweets and soft-drink all day, and mums would not bat an eye-lid. What's more, they get lots and lots of angpow or red pockets. When I was a kid, the angpow my siblings and I collected could hit at least $200 each. We would compare and see which one of us got the highest amount. Now, I dun get angpow anymore, which is fine. But what is not so fine is that I now must GIVE angpow to every kid who crosses my path, even total strangers whom I meet at my relative's house. Not fair one. LOL.

  • Firecrackers
    When the gahmen banned firecrackers, somehow, much of the spirit of CNY also disappeared along with the ban. One of my aunts who stayed in the same building at Club Street hawked firecrackers, so I sort of have free "supply" of firecrackers to play with on CNY. One of the favorite pastimes of us kids then were to quietly sneaked up behind an unsuspecting neighborhood kid with a "rocket" fire-crackers, lit it up, and startled the kid out of his pants when the firecracker "erupted" with a loud bang, leaving some of them in tears. Yes, we were a bunch of sadists, but hey, we were juz kids... LOL
Well, so much for the CNY memories. Yesterday, the first day of CNY, was a flurry of visitations. One of our stops was at the Slim Lady's grandma's at Yishun where we stopped for lunch. I've noticed, year after year, that granny always indulges us with nothing but meat on her dinning table. Can someone tell me what's the significance of eating meat on CNY?

Oh, and here's a shot of my mum's popiah. Sorry if I'm beginning to sound like a broken record on my entries on popiah. I know I've blogged about my mum's popiah in a number of entries already - here, there and everywhere. But I'm really a sucker on this dish! Yum!

Victor, come my house lah. Doesn't the popiah look yummy? Dun say I neber invite you hor.


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Saturday, February 17, 2007


One of the best things I like about Chinese New Year is the Reunion Dinner. It's a custom of family togetherness and rekindling of family ties. In my extended family, we have steamboat every year, at my parents'. Look at the spread we juz had, taken with my camera-phone, of course.

Each year during CNY, my mum would also cook popiah for all her visitors. Her popiah is simply the best! Can't wait to sample them tomorrow ....slurp...


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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Club Street revisited

Ever since I became a proud owner of a camera-phone, lunch with my lunch kaki has taken on a new meaning. To put it simply, I've become quite trigger happy with my new found toy. And at times, perilously so (more about this in another post).

While having lunch with Victor and Moogee at Maxwell Market last week, I couldn't help but reach for my camera-phone to snap some shots of my favorite foodstall.

Of course, this is the famous 五香贯胀 of China Street, juz a stone's throw away from Club Stree where I grew up. I practically grew up eating these stuff back in the 70s and 80s. My Dad loves the ngor hiang and the guan chiang from this stall. And so do I. The variety sold here are very different from the "chunky" ones you find in foodstalls elsewhere, both in taste and in appearance. I love the egg slice here. It's second to none in Singapore.

Each time I'm at Maxwell Market, if I'm not having them for lunch, I would tapau them for dinner. And I've been there at least twice for lunch with Victor and Moogee the past two weeks. I never grow tired of eating these stuff!

One our way back to the office, I asked Victor if he could kindly detour to Club Street. The sentimental fool in me wanna take a look at the place where I grew up and to zap a photo or two of the building which has been preserved by the gahmen. Bless his soul, Victor very kindly obliged, but not before giving me an assignment by saying, "Take the photos already better blog about it!" See lah? There's no such thing as a free lunch. Victor never misses a chance to remind me that!

Anyway, before I knew it, we were at the carpark in front of what used to be my childhood playground - my childhood home which I've blogged about it sometime back! See how it has been transformed....

Club Street today

Club Street in the 70s/80s. The blue arrow is where my family used to stayed, while the 2nd floor and the ground floor were occupied by my granny, aunts and uncles

See what a camera-phone can do to you? It draws out the sentimental fool in me and put me in a nostalgic mood. I've got more photos in my phone waiting to be blogged!

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