Sunday, March 04, 2007

Home-cooked macaroni

I dunno what got into Victor. He's been making fun of my manhood, calling it into question juz because he does not measure up to me as a man. I mean a REAL MAN. For goodness sake! I p*** standing, like he does (the last we were in the men's room, he still did). I fathered two kids, like he did (unless ..... never mind). Juz how narrow-minded can one get? Either he's getting old (51 going on 15), or he has memory so SHORT he's forgotten about my post on Measure Of A Man.

Well, Victor, I've got news for ya. I'm no less a man then you are juz because I:

  • Cook and bake (I don't have a maid! And I sayang my wife. Cannot meh?)
  • Do the laundry (actually it's the washing machine that does the job)
  • Shop for groceries (Well, I need these to cook, you nincompoop!)
  • Decorate the house (who does not want the house to be spick and span?)
  • Love chocolates (So I have a sweet tooth)
  • Nag at my kids (It's for their own good, as all parents would know, and so would Victor!)

Not say I want to say one. There are people with minds so narrow and thin (can't say the same of their skin and skull, though) that the only way they can feel good about themselves is to make wise-cracks about new millennium guys who believe in sharing household chores with the women of their life (yes! believe it or not, nagging is a chore!) I'm a good catch; most millennium guys are. Juz ask Mrs Sim. But I pity Mrs Koo, though, I really do.....

Truth be told, Victor isn't really the male chauvinist pig he made himself to be. He may not be a SNAG, but I know for a fact that he does pole dancing, first with the vacuum cleaner, followed by the mop every Sunday without fail. 他这个人,就是死要面子!Or did Mrs Koo put a gun to his head to ask him to pole-dance? Hehehehe...

Well, call me what you want Victor. Do I look like I give a damn at all? I'm still gonna cook. In fact, I juz cooked macaroni today for my family! And you're NOT invited!

Cook yourself if you wanna sample it. Dun say I neber give you face.... here's the recipe. And dun ask me how much water or macaroni to use. Everything is based on agaration!

  • Macaroni
  • Chicken breast (to be shredded)
  • Minced pork (to make into meat ball)
  • Fish cake (cut into thin slices)
  • 1x chicken stock cube (for added flavour)
  • Yellow beans
  • Water

  • Spring Onion
  • Parsley
  • Fried shallot
  • Cut chili padi (optional)

  • Boil a pot of water
  • Throw in the chicken breast and dish it out when it's cooked. Keep the chicken stock for the macaroni.
  • Add yellow beans into the stock and boil for another 30 minutes
  • Drain away the beans, and throw a chicken stock cube into the stock for extra flavour.
  • Cook the macaroni in a pot of water
  • Once the macaroni is cooked, scoop some onto a bowl and pour the stock over. Garnish it with spring onion, parsley, shredded chicken as desired.

Now, go prove you're a man, a REAL MAN! Hng!

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Victor said...

Here is my return fire, Chris. Need I say more?

Lam Chun See said...

Thanks for sharing. I think this one I can manage Maybe surprise the rest in my family, incl the maid.

Lam Chun See said...

Why u change photo? Son object is it?

tigerfish said...

I love chicken macaroni! After seeing your post, I think I need to cook them again :D
Wah, your wife really lucky hor.

Victor said...

No Chun See, son didn't object but wife objected. (Remember I told you that Chris has a tendency to hide the shameful facts? So I am answering for Chris here.)

Chris said...

Chun See
Wife saw my profile (no, she doesn't read my blog) and asked what's Junior's foto doing there? I said Junior's so cute, I'm juz so proud to show him to the world. Then she asked if it's safe? And then said at least I should have asked "permission". Whose? Junior or hers? Sigh.... women *rolling my eyes upward* So removed and replaced with mine, solo lor.

Ya, do try the macaroni to surprise you family.... it's really easy to prepare.

iml said...

Nothing taste better than home cooked meals esp when it's made with TLC by dad.

Chris said...

The food in your blog looks so nice and delicious, I'm almost shy to put up me. What's your ingredient for your macaroni arh? I bet it tastes 10x nicer then the one I prepared!

Chris said...

Thanks. It's really simple to prepare. The soup sometimes gets a little too bland. But this time, I put in more yellow beans, and Junior said it's much tastier... Hee!

Victor said...

Just re-read your post. Who are you calling nincompoop? In what way is it a kinder term than "oxymoron without the oxy part"?

tigerfish said...

I have no secret ingredient but sometimes, I boil the soup with chicken bones and celery. Then I also add bok choy few mins before I want to eat the macaroni. I think your version is the version that Boon Tong Kee or those chicken rice hawker stall serve.

Lam Chun See said...

Chris, you look like a school boy in this photo.

Chris said...

Thanks Chun See, I take that as a compliment. The foto was taken last December when I was holidaying at Gold Coast with my family. It helps that I was looking front and not side-way as if I've juz found ten cts on the floor. LOL.

Lam Chun See said...

I thing the grouchy one, who doesn't like 51st birthday must envy like mad.

eastcoastlife said...

ahhhh Macaroni soup! I eat this only when I'm sick! hehe....

Chris you can come over to my place sometimes for baking sessions though. We can put our brains together and come up with some great eats.