Friday, March 02, 2007

My Barbie Girl

Dear Barbie,

I've had my eyes on you since I was a kid. I've always preferred you to that ugly and hideous kid in the neighbourhood, the one they called the Cabbage Patch Kid.

Here're the reasons why I much prefer you:

  • You have nicer tits.
  • You're obviously blonde, and blondes, like Paris Hilton, have more fun.
  • You've dumped Ken, the impotent ex-boyfriend of yours.
  • And you're good enough to eat.

I was worried sick when I lost you at the party. Looking high and low, I found you sunbathing, half-nude, at the deck ;) Why didn't you call me? You're so delicious I could eat you all day ....

Life in plastic; it's fantastic. Wanna be in your plastic world, basking under the hot, steamy sun with ya....

Plastically & Inanely Yours,

Category: Humoresque


etel said...

what is this post about? lol

so cute lah.

anyway the cake looks yummy!

alot of calories too @_@

Victor said...

It's about G-cup, my dear GNE. Doesn't the shocking pink thingie look like one? LOL.

Chris, I just luuurve you colourful language. Besides using "testees" to describe people taking driving testes, you have used "tits", "half-nude" and "steamy" here. Why, you've even shown us what looks so delicious under her skirt. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Confirmed liao. Besides knowing how to cook and bake, wash clothes, shop for groceries, decorate the house, loving chocolates and nagging your son, you have yet another very feminine trait - loving a Barbie doll. Better go for some hormone replacement therapy. Muahahaha.

Chris said...

It was my God-daughter's (real one hor) birthday. The Barbie Doll cake weighed 5 kg and cost more than a hundred bucks! But I tot it was ingenious the way the confectionery shop wins the hearts of little girls .... Isn't it pretty?

I think you're confused with SNAG and effeminate men here. Grow up lah, 51 going on 15. Haven't u heard there are grown men who keep Barbie Dolls that are worth hundreds and thousands of dollars? And they are making tons and tons of money! And I tot u like plastic? Especially the inflatable kind? Wahahaha....

Lam Chun See said...

wow you remember the cabbage patch kid. Quite a rave at that time. Wonder if Etel knows wat we talking about?

oceanskies79 said...

This is an interesting piece of cake. :) I never knew that such kind of cake exists. Thanks for sharing.

Chris said...

Yes, oceanskies. It not only got the kids all excitied; it also made grown men like me drool all over the floor... hehe...

Anonymous said...

so yummy. u know.. wht? I have alot barbie dolls in store room ... keep them since childhood time.

Chris said...

Thanks for dropping by nicole!
Barbie doll is a girl's best friend, huh? Some grown men keep them, too. But I only got my wife, who's far from looking like Barbie. LOL.