Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dun ya juz luv those skin parades?

Miss Singapore Universe 2007 Semi-Final

I have a date this evening. Not with one, but a bevy of beauties. I'm referring to the final of Miss Singapore Universe 2007 Pageant that would be telecast on Ch 5 tonight.

I have nothing against beauty pageants. As a matter of fact, I find them rather entertaining (the SYTs, not the pageants). Needless to say, I enjoy the swimwear segment the most. You can't help but notice that the Eye Candies come in different packages;) Well, an object of exquisite beauty, like a piece of art, is meant to be appreciated, is it not?

Lest Etel accuse me of being humsup (for the record, there's only room for one humsup in the blogosphere), I do find beauty pageants both thought-provoking and steamulating. The SYTs tackle questions on World Peace, HIV, and the underprivileged children in Third World. Why, many of the contestants are undergraduates and graduates. If memory serves, we have a former Ms Singapore who was a lawyer. So, beauty and brain do mix, don't they? And I thought God is fair?

But of course, there are bimbos, and there are himbos. We used to have Manhunt Singapore Pageants in Singapore, too, showcasing beefcakes who were long on brawn but short on brains. But we men juz aren't supposed to be prancing around on stage. I dun think we're designed that way. We're hardly the objects of desire, unlike women. Oh puleezz, nobody in their right mind would want to see a grown man wriggle or shake his bum bum, okay?

Despite the frivolity and triviality of it all, beauty pageants, besides enriching the pageant organisers, sponsors and the winners, do serve as a short respite for us mere mortals, especially so for men whose wives are always complaining of a headache. LOL.

Speaking of beauty queen, have you heard about the faux pas of a former Singapore beauty queen? This is a first hand account, I witnessed it personally on our national TV many years ago. I can't remember if she was Ms Singapore or Ms Chinatown or Tourism; but she was the winner anyway and she was being interviewed by Lance Alexandra, a former 98.7 DJ, in a morning talk show. When the bloke asked the beauty qeen what she thought of people labeling Beauty Pageant as Skin Parade, the hapless airhead answered, "Oh, skin is very important. We must drink lots of water everyday, and eat lots of fruits....” Lance was flabbergasted and speechless. But I was laughing my head off!

I know, I'm nasty, (but please dun flame me hor). But life's a beach, isn't it? Thank God for beauty queens. Wahahaha...

The newly crowned Miss Singapore Universe 2007

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Victor said...

>there's only room for one humsup in the blogosphere

Now if only I could just go out and buy a gun...

The contestant gave that ridiculous answer and she won? Cheh, you think she really didn't know the meaning of skin parade ah? Come on, don't be so shallow, okay? The judges must have given here the title for being the most humorous.

Chris said...

Er... Victor, you speed reading arh? She WON the pageant, and she was interviewed the next day on a talk show hosted by Lance Alexandra lah.

You're really lau kok kok leow. Or was my engrish that bad? Tsk.

Victor said...

You where got say "the next day"? I read and read again but still can't find that phrase in your article leh. Don't know who's getting forgetful and lao kok kok here.

Hmm... I wonder what the winner would have said if the interviewer had used the words "scantily clad" (just like the women in your photo/video here) instead of "skin parade". Probably something like "scanning a photo is okay, so long as the woman are clad properly"?

Talking about that, be aware of this advice - you should take down from your blog the photos of skin paraders before you hear from AWARE president. Putting scantily-clad women's photos on a blog meant for general audience is NOT appropriate. (At least the cowboy on my blog was decently dressed.)

Laokokok said...

Frankly I took a peek at this last night programme and I'm rather confused by how to look for a beauty in the opposite sex?

For tropical fish like guppies and bettas, I know how to judge a beauty but for such "Beauty Contest"....I'm helpless and clueless...

tigerfish said...

Howz the standard of Ms S'pore Universe this time?
I actually prefer the QnA in beauty pageants ...coz can laugh lah!

Chris said...

Mediocre lah... some dun smile better. Hehe.. But I was quite impressed by a contestant called Peggy. The question "What would you do if your mother object violently (that's the word used) to the man you're seeing?" were posed to the girls. While many of them answered "mother knows best, i'll leave the man", this Peggy said that the man should go win the heart of her mother, like how he won hers. Answer very original hor? Others juz made me cringe like how a contestant tackled a question on "what she would do if she were to be our Prime Minister?" She said she would stand up for those poor kids who were victims of sexual abuse and molestation ..... Made me wonder if she was a victim herself.... poor girl kena tough question. The lucky ones got question like "would you shave your head for a good cause?"... But it's quite entertaining lah, overall....

As for standard, how you find the winner Jessica Tan? I uploaded her foto wat... heheh..

Chris said...

Thanks for popping by. Confused neber mind lah... Juz enjoy the eyes candy lor.... Whether you're lao or young, we all enjoy things of beauty, rite? It's also good for our eyes exercise. Hehehe..

Chris said...


AWARE got better things to do then to come after me for putting up scantily clad women lah, such as counseling women who are victims of sexual harassment. You mean AWARE haven't come looking for you arh? You, evil man, you. ROTFL.

Chris said...

BTW, I left a comment on your mini chicken pie post... Damn! I couldn't get pastry puff sheet here in Singapore leh. Spoilt my plan!

Lam Chun See said...

"dun ya juz luv those skin parades?"

At the risk of sounding hypocritical, the answer is No. I hate these type of shows. I feel embarrassed for the girls.

tigerfish said...

buahahaha...the PM qns with an ans of "....those poor kids who were victims of sexual abuse and molestation" std Miss Universe pageant ans memorized wan...any qns got to do with how to improve society or politics...can use this ans !!!:O
Ya lor, QnA always most entertaining wan!
Was the Jessica Tan win a shocking one? From photo, look pretty! On TV, is she?

Heyyo...are u sure S'pore cannot get puff pastry? Think Cold Storage got ler!

eastcoastlife said...

omg! You watch this programme? OK, next time I give you the tickets to go watch LIVE and see them parade in front of you. Geez....

You can get puff pastry at Cold Storage (Parkway Parade), NTUC (Marine Parade) and Carrefour (Suntec)! Maybe selected supermarkets.

Chris said...

Yep, she's quite pretty... an air hostess leh.

You meant you got lobang to watch the show life arh? Aiyah... so said earlier mah.... I like to watch things life one.. hehehe..

I was looking for the pastry puff in NTUC but dun have leh. Maybe only in Marine Parade area... ok will go look for it. I was in the mood, so thot of making the chicken pie... but now no mood leow... haha..

tigerfish said...

Who say air hostess must be pretty wan? Nowadays, std dropped liow loh!

Maybe after you watch another beauty pageant "live", you got mood again? ECL...quick quick, pass him some tickets lah! Then he can make chicken pie.

eastcoastlife said...

hahaha... your mood like the weather hor? Can come and go liddat wan.

I have lots of invites to these charity events or show promotions that I dun like to attend. Usually give away my tickets. Sit there for hours and smile until mouth numb. Waste of time.

The puff pastry very easy to get wat. I have extra at home, so if you cannot find, can get from me.
It's very handy and convenience. Jaymes just prepare the filling or open a can of apple pie filling and voila, we have a snack!

etel said...

I don't watch beauty contests eh.. To me, being smart is beautiful enough.

Actually, having a kind heart is enough.

But whatever, men dun listen to you when you say that.


You not humsup, u r super humsup! =x

Chris said...

Chun See:
Oops.. how could I have missed your comments. Why embarrassed? There's nothing to be ashamed wat... If one day, your daughter tells you she'd join a beauty pageant, how would you react?

Chris said...

I have to agree with you. I see some of the SIA girls arh... walau eh... no standard one. On the other hand those from MAS quite jude leh! But the angmoh ones worse! The look very matron kind one. At least those from Quantas are like dat, based on my experience... Not all lah... but some... Hahaha...

So what sort of man you hope Jaymes would turn out? Hehehe... Yalor... puff pastry takes the toil out of making pie and it looks really easy leh based on Tigerfish blog. But den hor, t's lik cheating leh... juz like how some pple make pineapple tarts with the pineapple jam they bought off the shelves. Haha.

Btw, you dun like to watch beauty pageant live because you'd rather be the one parading on stage live, rite? LOL. But the girls also smile like seow from beginning of the show until the end, even the losers. After awhile, their smiles all looked very plastic. ROTFL.

Chris said...

Woa... what men won't listen to you? Which man (or woman) bully you now? But I'm listening..... you dun like to watch beauty pageants? Like to take part rite? LOL. If we men are not attentive to members of the fairer sex(I dun like the word humsup), then nobody is left to appreciate you women leow. Sure you like dat? LOL.

tigerfish said...

Oi oi, where got cheating? It's call "integration"! It's an "art" to know the sources, distinguish the best source, and integrate the essence mah! LOL!

eastcoastlife said...

What cheating? It saves a lot of time and the end product turns out great. Do you know how long and troublesome it takes to make puff pastry or not? Not to mention how messy the whole dining room looks after that.

The ready to cook packages although factory made, are really versatile and delicious!

I'd rather spend time blogging than labouring over puff pastry or pizza crust.

And how can my kids get a quick fix of apple puffs and chicken pie? They enjoy making their own snacks and it teaches them to be self-reliant. No need to wait for wife to cook.

Don't tell me you want to make fresh pasta next! geez.....

Chris said...

Yes, I agree the ready made ones are great! And I know how messy it is to make it from flour lah... That's why I'm very happy to finally find it at Cold Storage near Pasir Panjang (I was at the vicinty)! I kiasu bought two packets! Watch out for my post on the mini chicken pies.... Hehehe..