Friday, April 27, 2007

Chivalry is dead. Or is it?

How odd.

Fit, able-body men, many of them executive type, sitting on the MRT seats. They appear oblivious to the sweet young and pretty things (SYPTs), many of them office workers in high-heel shoes, standing and holding on to the hand rail or metal bars, trying hard to keep their balance as the train buzzes along.

Tell me you find this odd, too. What happened to chivalry? Is it really dead?

Now, I dun take public transport very often because I drive to work. But while having a course conducted at the CBD last week, I took the MRT four days in a row because of some policies concerning civil serpents and car ownership which I think I would reserve for another post. So, yeah, I think I know the scene above repeats itself often enough in the rush hours every day, and not juz on the MRT, but on public buses as well.

I'm curious to know if this behaviour is unique to us Singaporean men or is it juz as common in other countries. But, as an able-body man myself, I think I maybe able to offer an explanation for our behaviour, as least as far as Singaporeans are concerned.

See, most of us men really have no hesitation in giving up our seats to these four categories of people:

  • The elderly
  • The physically challenged
  • The very young kids (excludes those 51 going on 15)
  • The pregnant ladies (it's ok if they happen to be SYPTs)

But when it comes to the SYPTs (the unpregnant kind), trust me, it's not that we men dun wanna give up our seats. It's just that we are afraid that our kind gesture may be misconstrued as an act of "cheekiness", especially so if it comes from a man with the "chikokpek" look (I'm so tempted to do a hyperlink here.... oh never mind... heheh). And we also do not relish the unwanted funny stares from fellow commuters, especially the guys as if they are saying: "Trying your luck, huh, buster? Well, try harder."

So, is chivalry really dead? I think not. If only the SYPGs allow us men to carry them across that puddle of water by the doorway. But I guess not. Many of them would become hysterical if we so much as touch a strand of their hair!

No? Okay then you tell me. Would you accept a seat from a guy on the MRT? And to the gentlemen out there, would you care to offer your seat to a SYPT?

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Victor said...

Pleeease Chris, cavalry rides on horses, not on the MRT! I know that you meant chivalry instead. Of course, I also believe that the joker in you purposely used that word, didn't you? Not that you didn't know its meaning, you just want to make us laugh, right?

Well, thanks for that refreshing joke. Certainly much better than the very stale one of linking the cheekopek. You know that some of your readers just can't stand stale jokes (and it's not me).

tigerfish said...

First, why must offer seat to SYPT ONLY ? you oredi said is SWEET YOUNG PRETTY THING oredi...of course, they must not sit(and become not-so-obvious)... the rest of the commuters can feast their eyes on them, mah! when SYPG is standing amidst the crowd.
And I think guys and gals give up their seats for the same categories?
Then brings me to the point...if a guy gives up a seat to a SYPT....then probably, he's up to no good! But then again, depends on the guy lah! If 看得顺眼 , then it's considered a "gentleman act"..if not, chilopek lah! LOL!

Chris said...

Victor, you're so right... that's the word I was looking for! And it it juz eluded me! Thanks to Chun See for pointing out to me in a private mail.... how considerate of him.... I made mistake like anybody else.. haha.. And I'm not horsing around... LOL.

Chris said...

That's exactly the reason why we dun offer the SYPTs seat mah... they will think we're up to no good! So uptight hor? Want be kind also worry this and worry that... sigh..

Lam Chun See said...

Wah lau.. got to give up seat for so many types of ppl. I think they shd charge young men half-price. No wonder some people "mo ngan tai" (no eye see). Just pretend to sleep.

OAMSN, since women in Spore always fighting for equality, they shd feel insulted if you gave up your seat to them.

(OAMSN is a new one courtesy of LCS, means On a more serious note)

Chris said...

Chun See:
OAMSN? Cool! Unker, you really ROCK! But where got they always fighting for equality? The Woman Chater already not equal wat. The terms are more favorable to them.

eastcoastlife said...

You must be kidding!? Giving up your seat to SYPT!!! You got something wrong these days huh? (Yeah, backside itchy!) You need a spanking! hoohoohoo......

Eversince the Miss Singapore, it's SYPT, SYPT, SYPT! Geez....

Anonymous said...

SYPT = Sweet young Pregnant Thing?

Chris said...

Yalor ECL. I need a good spanking... er... domination night again? wahahaha...

Chris said...

Whoever you are... I din do it. LOL.